Resilience Event

Imagine a day where people got together at an auditorium and gave inspiring presentations about different things that improve RESILIENCE. Nutritionists, philosophers, military trainers, professors, business owners, and others, all have a short 15-30 minute window to deliver their presentation. Imagine something like a TED talk, but local and geared toward making our lives awesome.

And later there is an After Party where people have a slice of pizza and talk and network and build connections. Doesn't this sound awesome?

What is the name of this?

It doesn't have a name yet and currently it is an idea in my mind that I am trying to bring to life. I lovingly refer to it as BAGOBA, but that is an inside joke. In talking with this idea with some military resilience trainers, I referred to it as a Bad Ass Gathering of Bad Asses, hence the acronym BAGOBA. Obviously it still needs a name but it'd be nice to keep it playful.

 Me giving a Military Culture presentation at Marylhurst University.

Me giving a Military Culture presentation at Marylhurst University.

What Next?

It is the planning stages now. If you would like to be involved in any way, email me. This could be someone:

  • who is a greeter
  • to help with setting up A/V
  • to help coordinate the after party
  • to do the EventBrite
  • to help coordinate speakers
  • to help find inspiring speakers
  • to find a great location
  • for networking with sponsors
  • to create an online presence
  • and more...

Currently I am thinking August or September timeframe to get all of this done. It is very doable. I've coordinated bigger events in shorter time.

There are other things that a team of us can discuss right now. Such as, do we make this a completely free event? Do we charge a small fee to help offset any unforeseen costs? Do we seek speakers that will present for free, or do we find/use sponsor dollars to cover their speaker fee, can we find a good venue for free or cheap? Location cannot be understated and this part will need a lot of attention. If you want to get in on the ground floor in shaping this event, and it turning into something big, email me