|riˈlijən| noun  

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods: ideas about the relationship between science and religion.


Life is about relations. There are many relations around us. A Biology 101 class will open one's eyes on all manner of connections. As I approach the enormity of these connections, the interplay of past and future, of the personal with the global, the macro with the micro, the cultural with the physical, the edges between all of these blur. I begin to see (feel ) my Self  in places. In wild places I find a sense of coming home .

People talk about religion as pertaining to something bigger than themselves  and, as such, a guide for their behavior. Thus an understanding of purely the science of biology alone affords a wealth of guidance in ethics and morality. Paganism, for me, incorporates not only this scientific biological aspect, but also the psychological, the cultural, the communal, the mythological, spheres. It is a complex relationship, a daily, practical, the ritual, the mundane, the spiritual, all these and more fall under the umbrella term of Pantheism for me. 

For me it is a big mystery. The scientist in me appreciates the underlying physics of it all, the determinism of a physicalist world. The artist in me sees the aesthetics in everything, the experience of being alive.