An Angel Sleeps

Such inviting comfort lies beneath my blanket,

How soft and warm you must be.

Eyes closed, you lay quietly breathing,

Your spirit no doubt among the stars above.

Could I experience your peace with just a touch?

Could I harbor your warmth within me?

What host of angels must stand watch from the edge of Heaven

while one of their own sleeps upon my bed.

Dare I touch you and disturb with ripple,

Infuse disorder upon such a perfect scene

As one who touches a calm water's edge?

No, I dare not.

Beauty is best when left unmarred by the likes of men.

We can offer no additional colors to the setting sun,

No melodies to the song of the nightingale,

No richer perfumes to the summer's garden.

Rest then fair angel,

Let your heart dream and your spirit fly.

You are with the host of Heaven now,

And I am left here upon the Earth.

August 19, 2000