Let Your Fancies Play in the Fields of Possibility

What if...

What if upon awakening from a night's respite,

I were to loosen the chains from my heart's fancies?

To let my fondest desires and wishes leap

and run in the green, wide-open fields of possibility.

Could I stand idly by as they, like carefree children,

Fell into muddied pools of water,

To see them laugh and play,

Building mud pies

Instead of despairing at the stains upon their once stiff white breeches?

Could I then forget my reserve and join them,

Running through the fields,

Laughing at the startled rabbit,

Content to play the hound for a little while?

Would I grow sad with the lengthening shadow

Of the watchful pine,

Or instead find new pleasures

In the chase of lightning bugs

Until I too am called in

For a night of welcome and peaceful rest?

October 9 1998