I Am The Tree

These chains have taken hold

These claws have sunk in deep

Loneliness is a weight that drags

Me down into the valley's bottom

Enshrouded by fog

And the warmth of the sun

Is felt no more

And yet, here there is a tree

A small pine grasping for light

Surrounded by larger trees

and lengthening shadows

And yet this tree stands here in the valley

Does the tree hate its neighbor

For robbing the light?

Does it despair the encroaching shadow?

Or does it know only its essential essence

    To seed

        To grow

            To die

                Ever reaching for the light

To what are these chains fastened to?

To what are these claws grasped on?

There is nothing but my essential nature

       To be born

            To live

                To die

                    Ever reaching for the light

I am part of a larger forest

I am not a phenomena to myself

But a speck of the ALL

And these chains and talons

Hold on not to me at all

They are not real

I am the valley

I am the hill top

I am the shadow

I am the light

I am the tree

living a life

        Ever reaching for the light

November 25, 2000