Prayer for a Dying Earth

Mother Goddess forgive us

We are blind to the sins we commit

We've lost that bond we once shared

With the Wolf, the Owl, and the Whale

We walk blindly in our concrete mazes

And relish with forgotten joy a sunset in the park

We are reminded of but a single instant

Of our origins and we feel complete

We try to capture you in pictures and coffee mugs, 

Bumper stickers, manicured lawns, and over managed parks,

Yet we are afraid to let you free,

To let you roam for whatever course,

To relinquish our lofty throne of cards

And admit that we are mere children

Though we have raped and abused you,

Spit upon you and wasted the gift you have given to us

I pray you do not forget us

You embrace us still

Teach us our folly, mend our hearts, fill our vision

In each newborn child there is a hope

In each sunset, each bloom, each blade of grass there is a chance

For one to awaken to the beauty that is you

And the reflection of the within

What better reason for love than love

Thank you for your many gifts

I pray that we shall one day awaken and honor them

September 5, 2000