My heart does grow with each passing day

Yet still I must endure the pain

And against my bonds of iron I strain

And feel my heart devoured once more

And hold the gaze of beast with gore

Before it mockingly flies away.

What terrible gift have I begot?

For compassion was my only crime

Now I'm to suffer for all of time

A tribute to my cunning mind

For stealing fire away for mankind

This terrible fate now becomes my lot.

A powerful force it is that keeps me here

Much stronger than these chains of steel

For though I think, I most often feel

This darkness that consumes the light

And turns the day to bleakest night

What greater prison is there than fear?

Again I wish to raise my sight

To the heavens above this cursed stone

Where I suffer this horrible pain alone

And claim my rightful place up there

Amid the host in the etheral air...

To steal once again their eternal light.

October 98