The Body of the Earth

I want to walk along the sandy dunes,

Their smoothness and silken nature I wish to kiss.

I want to traverse into the tangled forest,

Its depths and darkness I want to lose myself within.

I want to wander within the valley,

And feel its soft embrace hold me near.

I want to penetrate into the deep caverns,

Its moist darkness I want to make mine.

I want to roam the high plains,

Bare to the winds and the wisdom they teach.

I want to drift along the tops of mountains,

Its dizzying heights to spark new life within.

I want to immerse myself within deep oceans,

To find what was hidden and learn anew.

I want to walk the hidden paths,

Known only to the bathing moonlight.

I want to experience the wonders of your body,

To rid myself this space between that separates me from your wonders.

I want to combine myself within your Nature.

September 4, 2000