I am a teacher...

I have given a couple hundred presentations and I've learned a lot since I first started really giving presentations a couple of years ago. Truly, I used to be quite horrible.  I've started using less and less text in my presentations and rely more and more on visual aids and trying to tell a story and bring the audience along with me on a journey.  I have a few of my presentations on Slideshare.com, though the style that I present in, using slides as backup and not the main notes, may not be useful for some.  



Soldiers & Civilians Interview

This is an interview done for a historical project that was archived into the Library of Congress. Follow the link above, or click on the 4 parts of the interview below.

I talk about my motivations for joining the military, my experience during deployment, and my time of reintegration afterward.

The above are small snippets of the interview. The entire thing is 3 hours long. Here are parts 1-3 in their entirety.



The video above goes along with the slides below.  You can't make out some of the slides in the video too clearly.