I've been interested in Psychology since I first picked up a copy of William James' Principles of Psychology in 1994 in a library in Irvine, California. I studied it in college at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, University of Houston, University of Oregon, and finished my degree at Portland State University. 

My interests in psychology was, at first, on learning about the human condition. Afterward my interest moved to I/O, to Personality, to Positive, to Gender Issues, to Domestic Violence, to PTSD and war reintegration, and more. What really excites me are questions about what makes people flourish. 

I have given over a hundred presentations, perhaps 200, on variations of military culture, military PTSD, domestic violence, resilience training, crisis intervention training regarding veterans for first responders and police, and more.

Currently I hold two (main) jobs:

Resiliency Program Coordinator - R3SP

Oregon National Guard

October 2012 – Present:  Salem, Oregon

R3SP - Risk Reduction, Resiliency, Suicide Prevention. The Resiliency portion follows the guidance from the Army's CSF Program - Comprehensive Soldier Fitness - in making stronger, resilient soldiers able to adapt and bounce back from obstacles that occurs in different phases of deployment, training, and life.

Group Facilitator

CADRE Program

November 2009 – Present:  Oregon City, Oregon

Same work as from the Men's Resource Center, we just moved the group from that company into our own separate company. 

I facilitate a batterer's intervention group of combat veterans with PTSD. It is extremely rewarding work.


  • American Psychological Association
  • Western Psychological Association
  • Western Positive Psychology Association
  • New Stoa
  • American Philosophical Association
  • Association for Psychological Science


The University of Pennsylvania runs the Virtues in Action (VIA) which is a strengths-based assessment, at the Authentic Happiness Center

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Apply for graduate school. Currently the top of my list is Positive University. I am greatly interested in the PhD program in Clinical Psychology.

I am interested in learning what makes people amazing. I want to learn how and why people flourish, but also the good things about our negative emotions. 

This is a video about one of two times close calls with suicide. This one was after a loss of meaning of life.

This is my second close call with suicide after working, not finding jobs, and not seeing any way out.

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This is an Evernote document that I throw random questions and thoughts as they occur. I am just starting it up and will see how this fits into my workflow.

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Below is a Google Search Box that I have wired up for looking for things dealing with Positive Psychology. Type in whatever you are looking for and it will give back a much narrower search result.