I have been trying to figure out a more efficient workflow.  If you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them

Switched to Apple

I used to use PCs because I was a 'poor college student', but whenever possible I would walk to the Mac side of the computer lab. Apple is elegance... Microsoft is not. If I have to explain it to you, you're not an Apple person.

Some people (PC people) will complain that you can customize a PC but not a Mac. Untrue. There are power users out there with all sorts of hacks and automator scripts and python scripts and applescripts and third party software like Hazel, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, and many more, that work with them to become efficient.  A basic Mac is much more productive than a basic PC. Add some third party apps, and boom... magic!

Regardless, we are all different in our taste and use what works for you, whether Mac, Windows, Linux... whatever.  PC just does not work for me




This app is essential. I need something that allows me to dump my tasks into and pull up in any context.  It also syncs on all of my Macs and iOS devices.  To get the most out of this one should read David Allen's book 'Getting Things Done". I love the update on the iPhone and cannot wait to see what they do to 2.0 on the Mac.


Evernote does what I need it to do.  It keeps notes synced among all of my devices and if I forget a device I can log into the secure website from another computer (even PC).  I really like searching for text within a pic of a whiteboard used in a meeting earlier. This thing gets better and better. The new business card scan is awesome at it adds the info to my contacts, to my LinkedIn, emails the contact and asks to link to them on LinkedIn. They also upgraded the in-app capabilities of marking up photos within a note that was a pleasant surprise. The front end looks better, the search makes tags really obsolete, and more and more. Essential program for me.


A website I frequent had their passwords hacked.  It took me hours to change all of my passwords.  I also had a text file that stored these passwords.  This program syncs to all my devices and makes great security level passwords.  It keeps getting better which each update. BUY THIS!


I read and share a lot of PDFs.  I currently have over 500 of them.  This manages them into a database and syncs via my two Macs.  My iOS devices sync over bluetooth/wifi with my iMac at home.  All my highlights and notes sync as well.  Papers is awesome.  I am a happy nerd.


I used to use whiteboards, windows, and patio doors.  I carried a bunch of dry erase markers everywhere I went.  I LOVE mind mapping and I switch back and forth between programs, usually MindNode and iThoughts. I love how good looking MindNode is.


I used to be a Scrivener devote. And if I were writing a thesis, I might still use it. However, for my everyday writing, whether I am making a report, a blog post, a paper to send to colleagues, or whatever, I am using Ulysses. It is amazing, elegant, simple, easy, gorgeous, and it SYNCS with my iPad app which looks and acts the very same as the desktop client. You can't beat that! It is Mac only, and if you are one of us, then go try it. You will not regret it.


This is so much better than PowerPoint.  For basic use there isn't much difference.  I've given hundreds of presentations and I am not a casual user.  Keynote does all that I need it to do and more.  Plus it handles movies much better than PP.  This app pays my bills.